The Fichtelland is a small fairyland for all kids on the mountain

The "Fichtelland"
inspires the kids!

Family ski holiday at the Skischaukel Radstadt/Altenmarkt

Fichtelland on the Hochbifang in Altenmarkt, Ski amadé

There’s a very special experience waiting for parents and children right next to the Hochbifangbahn in Altenmarkt: the Fichtelland! Enjoy an unhurried ascent to the edge of the forest with the platter lift to the entrance of the world of the Fichtel. The little inhabitants of the spruce forest have a few surprises in store, which can be discovered while gliding down the safe forest piste.

Seek, see and hear Fichtel and other inhabitants of the forest

A wide archways marks the entrance to the Fichtelland. But who are the forest creatures that are probably related to gnomes? Spruces shed cones every year, which land on the forest floor. Some cones develop into small creatures that can only be found in this particular forest in Altenmarkt: the Fichtel! Some hide from skiers; others won’t allow themselves be kept from working. These small creatures also share the Fichtelwald with lots of animals!


Beaming blue sky in the skiing area of Zauchensee

Fichtelland in Altenmarkt: where hearing voices is welcome!

Look and listen carefully during an unhurried ride through the forest: the Fichtel like to play a lot of tricks and are always in a good mood! They also share interesting facts about their Fichtelwald and the animals that live in it. In contrast to their shy relatives, they can be observed from up close. See boar, fox or deer in life-size!

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The adventure book - Fichtelland

Now  available at the hochbifang valley station

Our Fichtelkids Flora and Fill from the Fichtelland at the Hochbifang's beginners lift experienced a lot already. Now there is the special adventure children's book, which will bring excitement to tall and small. For all who are already curious on the first books can find them in Altenmarkt at the valley station.

Flora and Fill are two Fichtelkids, which love nothing more than playing and to romp around. Normally they do this during the nighttime, if the humans are asleep, because when it is bright the Fichtel hide themselves. 
Once upon a time Flora and Fill sneake out of the house because they want to explore something! What they discover and if they are seen from humans tells the first adventure of the Fichtelkids.